Pros and cons about PECVD technology.


The best alternative to chromium

PECVD technology is the most environmentally friendly process available for hexavalent chromium replacement. A process that eliminates harmful heavy metals such as chromium in both vapors and wastewater.

The environment benefits of Life20 Cromozero

By removing the electroplating process, hazardous chemicals and pollutants are also eliminated:

115 tons/year of irritating, corrosive and toxic substances such as chromic acid, sodium bisulfide, sulfuric acid and hydrated lime.

137.5 tons/year of special hazardous waste contaminated with high concentrations of chromium: electroplating sludge (EWC 11.01.09) containing up to 3700 mg/kg of chromium, exhausted electroplating bath (EWC 11.01.98) containing up to 102.843 mg/kg of chromium.

Enhanced safety and health conditions for workers

Thanks to the Life20 Cromozero project air pollutants are removed from exhaust fumes of the electroplating bath, which today have a concentration of 0,064 ppm of chromium, as well as 115.000 m3 of wastewater contaminated with 0,023 g/m3  of chromium, discharged into water bodies.

We are more and more...

Sustainable, innovative, virtuous, safe, efficient, circular and rigorous.

With the implementation of the Life20 Cromozero project, every year we will have a saving of:

  • 22.000 m3 of water used;
  • 000 kWh consumed;
  • 354 tons of CO2 equivalent emitted.