The phases of the project

Life20 Cromozero is a three-year project, from September 1st 2021 to August 31st 2024, and is divided into two main steps.

First step


Design, realization and technical validation of an engineered prototype plant, capable of processing the internal treatment of 5 barrels at a time.

This phase will allow Beretta to set the basis for the future industrialization of the process. By varying the several parameters involved, a series of tests will define the ideal combination in preparation for the implementation on a vast scale.

Second step


Design and implementation of an industrial, large-scale pilot plant capable of processing the internal treatment of at least 30 barrels at a time, meeting industrial, time and costs requirements.

Once the new technology has been implemented and industrialized, the cost management phase will follow: hexavalent chromium has so far guaranteed a low expense. The consolidation of this technology, as well as its management system, is expected to continue beyond the three years of the Life20 period.