Green, safe, effective

Life20 Cromozero project aims to substitute the internal plating of the barrels through a green, safe and effective process.

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The Project


Beretta has always been focused on environment and safety. Through the Life20 Cromozero project, realized in partnership with Duralar Italia and Galvanotechnik, the company aims to revolutionize the world of weapon manufacturing, replacing chromium plating with a highly innovative and sustainable project.


The CROMOZERO project is co-financed by
Life Program of the European Union through the
Grant Agreement LIFE20 ENV/IT/000494

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An ecological, safe and chromium-free process

  • Turning criticality into opportunity

    Chromium limitations have led the research towards a sustainable innovation.

  • A completely green process

    An innovative solution which removes chromium in both vapors and wastewater.

  • The same outstanding performances

    Thanks to cutting-the-edge coating technologies and plating types.

  • Choosing the right partners

    Companies with great experience and know-how in surface treatments.

  • A total funding of € 3.2 million

    Of which € 1.7 million in grants, for a three-year project.


The phases of the project

Life20 Cromozero is a three-year project, from September 1st 2021 to August 31st 2024, and is divided into two main steps: Prototyping and Industrialization.



Design and realization of an engineered prototype plant, capable of processing the internal treatment of 5 barrels at a time, as well as its technical validation.

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Design and implementation of an industrial, large-scale pilot plant capable of processing the internal treatment of at least 30 barrels at a time, in a single phase, which must meet industrial performance, time and cost requirements.

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The best alternative to chromium

PECVD technology is the most environmentally friendly process available for hexavalent chromium replacement. A process that eliminates harmful heavy metals such as chromium in both vapors and wastewater.

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The environment benefits of Life20 Cromozero

Special hazardous wastes and substances from chromium plating process that are irritating, corrosive and toxic for humans, nature and environment are eliminated.

Enhanced safety and health conditions for workers

No pollutants in exhaust gases and no wastewaters in surface water bodies, with a positive impact on the present and future condition of the area of Brescia.

We are more and more...

Sustainable, innovative, virtuous, safe, efficient, circular and rigorous. With this system we save water and energy and produce less CO2.


We are focused on climate change and on the environment

The program Life20 is an initiative of the European Commission which funds innovative projects characterized by a positive impact on environment, nature and health. A concrete action to foster an increasingly sustainable, circular and efficient economy.

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In partnership with Duralar Italia (from the merger of Duralar LLC USA and Galvanotechnik, companies with great experience in innovative surface treatments), Beretta aims to revolutionize the world of weapon manufacturing, replacing chromium plating with a completely sustainable process.

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